Benefits of quitting sugar

There are so many health reasons to quit sugar. And Suki offers the perfect alternative to sugar and still satisfies the sweet tooth cravings. The following are just a few of the reasons to say good bye to sugar.

Better moods:

Studies show that due to the rapid rises in adrenaline levels caused by a high-sugar diet it can lead to crankiness, anxiety and depression. People that have quit sugar have reported to have overall better moods and are generally happier.

Clearer skin:

Where sugar is a great exfoliator when added to creams and rubbed on to your skin, too much sugar consumed will cause spikes in insulin and can lead to pimples, wrinkles and conditions like psoriasis. This process is known as glycation. The long-term effects of glycation can be pretty brutal. A diet that’s high in sugar could cause the collagen in our skin to change from strong beautiful skin to weak and less supple skin. Add in the fact that advanced glycation can make us more susceptible to sun damage, and it becomes clear just how bad sugar can be for our appearance. Some things are just better when they are not put into your body.

Stronger immune system and healthier body:

Sugar weakens your immune system against viruses and infectious diseases, by inhabiting the fighting strength of the white blood cells that attack bacteria. The excess consumption of sugar can cause a spike in insulin that can cause inflammation, which in turn can create joint pain, chronic stomach issues.

More energy:

Sugar gives a quick burst of energy that usually only lasts from about 30 minutes to an hour and when your blood sugar crashes it will leave you more exhausted than ever. There can also be the following symptoms from a blood sugar spike, that include frequent urination, increased thirst, blurred vision and headaches.


Benefits of quitting sugar