It all began 20 years ago with a mom who was determined to find a way to give her 2 diabetic children food they love.

20 years ago, being diabetic meant starvation, especially for kids. What was I going to feed my kids, and what was I going to give them as treats. And so my journey began in search of ways and means to bring sweetness back into our home. It took months of research, trials and frustration until finally I cracked a recipe that would bring so much joy to my kids and our whole family. I was thrilled with my first sugar free jelly recipe that would soon become loved by both sugar and non-sugar eaters, without the compromise in taste. Word began to spread and soon enough I was supplying my ‘home-made’ jelly powders to family, friends and even niched retail stores. Before long, I had come up with a delicious and creamy recipe for a sugar free instant pudding as well. This unique range of sugar free treats was being sort after by not only diabetics, but also many weight conscious people, who were always in search of a sweet NO SUGAR treat to satisfy their taste bud cravings.

Then years later, my friends and I took the next leap as we entered into the health market with our new and LOVED SuKi Natural Sweetener. We formulated SuKi in order to ‘fulfil the promise of sweetness’ which was not being met by the other natural brands. SuKi is our carefully balanced combination of natural Xylitol and Stevia which bring you a natural healthy taste while removing or reducing sugar from your everyday life. WE love our SuKi products and we know that YOU will love it too. Taste SuKi just once, and we guarantee you’ll LOVE IT.

As our sugar free products became household names, we began receiving call from South Africans across the globe, asking to supply them abroad with our great tasting Simply Delish sugar free products. These ‘international’ customers swear that the taste of Simply Delish sugar free jellies and puddings cannot be found in other brands available.

And now, with the boom of the NO SUGAR craze that has hit the world, our Simply Delish ZERO jelly, ZERO pudding and SUKI SWEETENER have become household names for everyone who enjoys good taste. The outbreak of FREE FROM SUGAR healthier eating, drove us at Simply Delish to launch our Natural range of jellies and desserts for the International market. Today we export our NATURAL range of sugar free products to the United States, Canada, Australia and England. These natural products are available at select stores in South Africa as well.

Thank you to all of you, our wonderful customers, who continue to send us ‘thank you’ messages for our sugar free great tasting products – we love that you love Simply Delish.

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